John Nutt

Fine Arts Director

Director of Bands, CHS

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Mr. Nutt is a graduate of SFA. He has led the CHS Band since 2005. He leads the Pirate Regiment Marching Band, conducts the CHS Wind Ensemble, and leads the Jazz and Studio Ensemble Programs.

972.427.6150 ext. 54040
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Greg Hamilton

Director of Bands, CMS

Fine Arts Facility Coordinator

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Mr. Hamilton is a graduate of TAMU-C. He has led the CMS Band since 2001. He conducts the CMS Wind Ensemble, teaches various beginner classes, and assists with various ensembles at CHS.

972.427.6080 ext. 50232
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Jason Bowie

Associate Director, CHS and CMS

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Mr. Bowie is a graduate of Texas Tech. He has been a member of the Crandall Band Staff since 2014. He leads various ensembles including the CHS Symphonic Band and JV Band. He also teaches beginner band classes. You'll find Mr. Bowie taking amazing photos around CISD.

972.427.6050 ext. 50233
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Angela DeLeon

Associate Director, CHS

Elementary Music Specialist, Wilson Elementary

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Mrs. DeLeon is a graduate of Sam Houston State. She joined the Crandall Band in 2016. She assists with various ensembles across the district. She is also the Elementary Music Specialist at Wilson Elementary.

972.427.6040 ext. 5216

Don Lazuka

Director of Percussion, CHS and CMS

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Mr. Lazuka is a graduate of Texas Tech. He has been leading the percussion program in Crandall since 2020. Mr. Lazuka teaches various ensembles at CHS as well as percussion classes at CMS.

972.427.6150 ext. 54044

Kait Steele

Associate Director, CMS

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Ms. Steele is a graduate of TLU. She joined the Crandall Band in 2022. She leads the CMS Symphonic Band and teaches various beginner classes. She also assists with the CHS Band.

972.427.6080 ext. 50231

Pam Jackson

Administrative Assistant for Performing Fine Arts

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Ms. Jackson joined our staff in 2023. She manages and organizes both the CHS and CMS Bands, as well as other district Fine Arts organizations.

972.427.6150 ext. 54041