We’re sure many of our incoming beginners have questions about band. We’ll answer some of the most common questions here. If you need additional information, feel free to contact us via email.

Where do I find the Beginner Band Packet?
It's right here: Beginner Band Packet 2022

Do I have to know how to play or read music yet? No, we’ll teach you how to read music and play your instrument from the very beginning. What book do I need for beginner band? Wind players will need Essential Elements Book 1 for your instrument. Percussionists will need both the Fresh Approach to Snare Drum and the Fresh Approach to Keyboard Percussion books. All books can be purchased at your local music store, or online retailers such as Amazon. I have a used instrument that’s not on the suggested instrument list. Can a band director look it over for me? Yes, we can. Please email us to set up a time.

Can you summarize everything my child will need for their beginner band class?
-Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Percussion players will need an instrument, appropriate mouthpiece and beginner book. Students may rent or purchase from any retailer or utilize the Pirate Instrument Program.
-French Horn, Baritone and Tuba players will need the appropriate mouthpiece and beginner book. Students will purchase these items or utilize the Pirate Instrument Program.
-All band members will pay a band fee each year.

How can I pay my band fees?
-One way is to send cash or a check (written to CISD with your driver’s license and phone number noted) with your student. Always send payments in an envelope with your student’s name.
-Another way is to pay using the My School Bucks Store (the same store the district uses for cafeteria purchases). Login to the My School Bucks Store. Select “School Store” from the top menu. Scroll down to find “Middle School Band Fees”. Enter amount of $30 and make payment. Please enter your student's name with the payment.

Do beginners have after school rehearsals and events?
We do not have after school rehearsals for beginners, however the band hall is open after school most days until 3:45 if students would like to practice. We have 2-3 events per year outside of the school day (winter and spring concerts and a contest).

Does middle school band interfere with other school activities?
Absolutely not. The directors and coaches of our campus activities have a long history of working together to make sure that students can be active members of various groups without scheduling conflicts.

Please check the full calendar for upcoming dates.