These apps and exercises are important tools for enhancing our learning environment. Please click on the links to learn more about each app.

Apps for Everyone
Tonal Energy Tuner - This is our go-to classroom app. It has an amazing tuner, a tone generator for all wind instruments, tone analysis, and recording functions.
Pro Metronome - A fantastic metronome.
Tuner Lite by plusadd - A great tuner with interface that matches the older non-app tuners.

Fingering Charts
All Wind Instruments

Tenuto Note Identification
Beginner Flute - Flute
Beginner Oboe - Oboe
Beginner Clarinet - Clarinet
Beginner Bassoon - Bassoon
Beginner Saxophone - Saxophone
Beginner Horn - Horn
Beginner Trumpet - Trumpet
Beginner Trombone/Baritone - Trombone//Baritone
Beginner Tuba - Tuba
Beginner Percussion - Percussion

Music Vocabulary

Link to Music Vocabulary List

iBooks for Middle School

iBooks - Beginners can purchase digital versions of their beginner books here, which includes audio supplements to their hard copy book.

Below you will find links to the
Essential Elements 2000 beginner band book for each instrument. Beginner books are not compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. They are specifically formatted for the iPad.
Bb Clarinet
Bass Clarinet
Alto Sax